Clark Logic Reduces Your Capital Outlay With Outsourced Transportation

midwest-rental-serviceDue to the severe truck driver shortage in the US, as well as restrictive Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, it is more challenging than ever for businesses to try and operate their own freight delivery operations.

More and more companies are realizing that it makes the most financial and logistical sense to outsource their transportation requirements, rather than try to execute delivery of their cargo themselves.

Thanks to the Clark Logic fleet of 2,000 trucks – and our 45 years of logistics experience – we can handle your complete transportation needs more reliably and efficiently than you ever could “in house”. We invest in state of the art vehicles and cutting edge logistics technologies – so you don’t have to.

Move Your Freight Affordably With Clark Logic Outsourced Transportation Services

Our team of transportation and logistics experts at Clark Logic makes the process of moving your freight easy, affordable and efficient. Additionally, our flexible truckload freight solutions effectively scale and respond to any changing demands within your supply chain – which helps contain hauling costs while ensuring rapid delivery that is on time, every time.

Clark Logic also offers a diversified fleet of Landoll trailers for all of your company’s equipment and container delivery needs. Whether you need to haul heavy machinery, construction equipment, shipping containers or wide/oversize loads our logistics experts can ensure that your load gets wherever it’s going – rapidly and cost-effectively – with our Landoll equipment and container delivery services.

We take a partnership-based approach to transportation. We build relationships with our drivers and with our customers, earning loyalty on both sides of the supply chain. This ensures that we have the hardest working, most reliable carriers for your freight – guaranteeing that your cargo gets where it is going safely and on time.

Partner with Clark Logic and take advantage of our 2,000 truck fleet. We take the worry (and the capital investment) out of freight hauling – so you can focus on running your business, while we get your goods to market affordably and on time.

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