CMS was founded in 1969 by Charles E. Clark and son James E. Clark “Big Jim”, to service one major client’s warehousing and inventory. For over 35 years Continental Can and CMS partnership flourished and CMS was able to grow to a well-established business in Three Rivers, Michigan. In 1996 Continental Can’s employees went on strike and by the end of the week they had pulled the contract from CMS. CMS was forced to move out of their comfort zone.

Jamie Clark, son of James E. Clark had grown up around the family business and after attending school and working in corporate America, he looked upon what had happened at Continental Can and to CMS not as a negative, but as an opportunity. Jamie decided to capture this opportunity to evolve and grow CMS into an even larger business with a diverse customer pool.

1996 spawned that year of change for CMS. It was the tipping point that was needed to take a good company to a great company. Jamie Clark was able to partner with his father and jump into the family business hungry, motivated and looking to knock on doors and create lasting relationships with the community and businesses. Jamie and his father were the perfect match of wisdom and ambition and together they were able to bring out the best features in each other and look into the future to grow beyond what had become CMS’s comfort level. Since 1996 CMS has evolved into multiple companies, including: CMS Green, 3R Archives, I-Trailer and J & L Express. CMS has evolved from a business with 465,000 sqft and 15 trucks and trailers to a company with over 2,000,000 sqft and 2500 trailers.

CLARK LOGIC’S SLOGAN:    Looking into the future

Reliable Turnkey Logistics
Honesty is at our core
Integrity is what we value
Networks built on stability
Organization is our standard

clark logic timeline

In 2014, Clark Logic was born to add clarity to a vast and somewhat confusing corporate structure. Clark Logic has become the company that has provided logistic, rental, recycling, and repair services for numerous different industries, products, and manufactures. It has also become a pillar of the community, investing time and resources in building parks, being involved in multiple fundraisers and charities and even creating a scholarship for local students to attend college.

Clark Logic is continuing to grow because of it number one strength: TALENT. Clark Logic prides itself on empowering its employees to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that their customers are always serviced properly. We are an organization always “Looking into the Future”.



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