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We work with businesses of all sizes to develop complete recycling solutions for every facet of their operation. We leverage years of experience in the logistics and recycling industries to create customized recycling programs that preserve our natural resources while maximizing your recyclable value.

We understand the challenges that companies face when discarding industrial waste in a manner that is environmentally responsible as well as economically feasible. We offer a full range of commercial and industrial recycling solutions, including: recycling pick-up and sorting, recycling by mail, document shredding, and industrial waste stream audits. We are your one stop for cost effective, compliant recycling and material recovery.




· We offer recycling programs for cardboard, pallets, stretch wrap, plastics & metal

· We have over 2,000,000 square feet of space

· 20 facilities in Three Rivers, Sturgis, Portage, Michigan, and Elkhart, Indiana


We understand the challenges you face when discarding industrial waste in a manner that is environmentally responsible and economically feasible. We offer waste stream audits that measure your waste output, and provide an actionable plan for cost effective, compliant recycling and material recovery.


We collaborate with you to design a custom commercial recycling solution that contains costs, reduces waste and maximizes your recyclable value. We handle all facets of your recycling program – including transport and sorting – to save you time and money, while preserving our country’s vital natural resources.


Our unparalleled fleet of recyclable hauling vehicles provides dependable, affordable trucking services for your recyclable pallets, metal, plastic, paper and corrugated cardboard. We efficiently and economically pick up and haul your recyclables while fulfilling the vital mission of preserving our natural resources.

We are experts at offering reliable, affordable solutions for the unique recycling demands of industrial operations. We will design a custom program to properly recycle your industrial waste in a regulatory compliant manner that protects your company’s bottom line while preserving the environment.


·  Cardboard
·  Pallets
·  Stretch Wrap
·  Plastics
·  Metal


Our document shredding and storage solutions offer you the utmost in data security for your discarded or stored paper documents. We offer a variety of secure onsite and pick-up (off-site) data destruction and storage options that guarantee your sensitive information never falls into the wrong hands.