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Our full range of rental and leasing options gives you the financial and operational flexibility to meet your customers’ demands, while keeping costs contained. Whether you need added space or additional equipment, we offer both short term rental solutions and long term leases to meet your needs.

With over 2 million square feet of office, industrial, commercial, retail and manufacturing space located across the Midwest, we have offerings to meet every need and every budget.

We also offer cost-saving short and long term leases on a wide selection of high quality vehicles and equipment, including: road and flatbed trailers, storage containers, forklifts, and scissor lifts.

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· We have over 2,000,000 square feet of space

· 20 facilities in Three Rivers, Sturgis, Portage, Michigan, and Elkhart, Indiana

· We offer short-term and long-term agreements


Whether your office space needs are permanent or temporary we offer a wide range of office space leasing solutions at affordable prices. We also offer modular buildings and portable trailers that can be used onsite or offsite for office space that is re-locatable, extendable, and fully customizable. Our flexible, scalable leasing solutions cost-effectively provide the office space you need, when you need it.


With millions of square feet of industrial space available for lease, we have offerings to meet every industrial need and every budget – in almost any location. We offer both flexible short term rentals and long term lease options, and we have industrial space suitable for virtually every industrial use including: warehousing, light manufacturing, heavy industry, factory-office multi-use, material handling and more.


When you need outdoor storage on your property for weeks, months or even years, we have the solution in our 20’ and 45’ storage containers. Durable, secure and re-locatable – with highly competitive pricing and flexible short term or long-range leases – storage containers can offer your company substantial economic advantages over leasing additional warehouse space.


If your manufacturing operations have outgrown your existing plant’s physical space, we have both short term rental and long term leasing solutions that can immediately and cost-effectively meet your manufacturing space needs. We offer rental options that are flexible, scalable and highly affordable – saving you money while ensuring that you always have the space you need to grow your operations.


Location is everything when it comes to retail space. Whether your needs are large or small, our wide array of flexible, affordable, retail space rental options can position your business right where it needs to be: wherever your retail customers are located. And, because we offer retail leasing locations across the Midwest, we can help position you in new markets, as well as ensure that your retail space scales as your business expands.


Rental trailers can provide you with rapid and affordable temporary or permanent fleet growth. We offer a complete selection of 48′ – 53′ storage, road, flatbed and semi-trailers – as well as customized transportation solutions – at budget-conscious prices. From full service leases, to short term rentals and contract maintenance, we can design a trailer rental program that best meets your company’s immediate and long-term hauling needs.


Our proven, customizable inventory management services can optimize your company’s inventory configuration throughout its entire supply chain, in terms of levels, positioning, storage, deployment & delivery. We enable you to hold & position, sufficient inventory to ensure stock availability and guarantee rapid customer satisfaction, without delays and without unnecessarily tying up capital.


Our licensed and insured fleet of rental forklifts maintains the highest safety standards in the forklift rental industry – and offers the latest technologies designed for safety, cost savings, damage resistance and low maintenance. Whether you need industrial, warehouse, straight mast, stand up, heavy load, deep reach or shooting boom forklifts we offer a full array of electric & propane lifts to meet any need.


We offer flexible short term rental and long term leasing of clean, fume-free electric scissor lifts of every height. Whether you need heavy lift capacity – or narrow width for tight maneuverability – we carry the widest range of rental scissor lifts at the best prices. Featuring slip-resistant plated platforms for safety, and joystick steering controls for easy operation, our scissor lifts can rapidly be delivered to any location.