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We offer complete transportation services that encompass everything it takes to make your shipping and delivery operations successful. Whether your transport needs are via truck, rail or air we offer a full range of solutions to ensure your goods always get where they’re going – on time and within your budget.

Our wide array of flexible, cost efficient transportation solutions include: truckload freight; LTL freight coordination; transloading; expedited services including air charter; rail services; inventory management; flatbed and van trailers; and, Landoll equipment and container delivery.




· We have over 2,000 Trailers and 20 facilities in: Three Rivers, Sturgis, and Portage, Michigan; and, Elkhart, Indiana.

· We offer 5 state regional transportation services (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin).

· We offer short-term and long-term agreements.


Our team of transportation and logistics experts makes the process of moving your full-truckload freight easy, affordable and efficient. Additionally, our flexible truckload freight solutions effectively scale and respond to any changing demands within our customers’ supply chains – which helps contain hauling costs while ensuring rapid delivery that is on time, every time.


Our transloading services offer your company the economic and logistical benefits of rail freight without the cost of maintaining your own onsite rail infrastructure. Our affordable, flexible and scalable transloading solutions can offer your business access to broader markets and new sources of supply by providing better & more cost effective supply chain transportation alternatives.


We offer the safest, most reliable fleet of flatbed and 48 – 53′ van trailers in the business. Using our trailers to haul your freight offers your company substantial economic savings over maintaining your own fleet by helping to minimize load time, eliminate delays and remove any risk of damage to your shipment in transit. No matter how big your load, or how far you have to move it, we have a flexible, cost-effective van or flatbed trailer solution for your needs.


We have a diversified fleet of Landoll trailers for all of your company’s equipment and container delivery needs. Whether you need to haul heavy machinery, construction equipment, shipping containers or wide/oversize loads our logistics experts can ensure that your load gets wherever it’s going – rapidly and cost-effectively – with our Landoll equipment and container delivery services.


When you have an urgent need to get your goods somewhere rapidly, we have a wide variety of cost effective expedited delivery solutions to meet your needs – including expedited air charter services. Whether you load is large or small, we leverage our freight and transportation expertise to get our customers the best prices and the fastest delivery of their freight or cargo.


We offer complete, customized rail management programs designed to meet your company’s unique needs and strategic goals. Watco Companies and Grand Elk Railroad is the service carrier from Elkhart, Indiana to Grand Rapids, Michigan.


We offer complete Less Than Truckload freight coordination services that are designed to reduce your costs & improve your supply chain. From strategizing your load booking and determining the right freight class, through managing the procurement process, we coordinate all of your LTL shipments to ensure the most cost-effective & efficient transportation options for your freight.


Our proven, customizable inventory management services can optimize your company’s inventory configuration throughout its entire supply chain, in terms of levels, positioning, storage, deployment & delivery. We enable you to hold sufficient inventory to ensure stock availability and rapid customer satisfaction, without delays and without unnecessarily tying up capital.

We understand the demands put on trucks & trailers every day in the freight industry. That’s why we offer complete maintenance and repair services for semi-trucks, tractors, and trailers. Our certified technicians can perform routine and preventative maintenance on all major brands of trucks and can quickly diagnose and repair any problems. Our fast turnaround time guarantees that you will be back on the road with minimal downtime.